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What are the things you love about your horse when it comes to riding? In this episode, I'm talking about the ideal qualities I want in a riding horse...View Details

In my blog earlier this month, I wrote about what it takes to win an Equine Good Citizen Award. So for this episode, I get more in-depth about the t...View Details

Fireside Chats with Julie

I just got back from another trip to C Lazy U Ranch, this time for my Women's Wholeness & Riding Retreat with my good friend and fellow trainer, B...View Details

Can't wait for winter to give way to warmer riding weather? In this episode of Ride On, I'll talk about some things you can do to prepare for this rid...View Details

In part two of this episode, I share my favorite stories over the years from Horse Master—what I remember most about the horses, and what I've learn...View Details

In part one of this 2-part episode, I talk about my choice to end my long-running show, Horse Master, where I'm going from here, and share stories fro...View Details

This was your favorite topic of 2018! In this "Ride On Rewind" episode, I'll talk with you about horse behavior, communication, positive vs. negative ...View Details

School’s in Session!

In this special episode, you get to listen in as I teach a class in the arena at Colorado State University about horse behavior with the help of my co...View Details

Get Back to Basics

You hear it all the time whether you're starting a colt, getting to know a new horse, or have a well-trained horse but find yourself stuck—get back ...View Details

This month's podcast episode was recorded live from my retreat at C Lazy U Ranch! I had a nice fireside Q&A session with riders who attended the c...View Details

In this month's podcast episode I'm talking colt-starting and bits—when to start using them, why, and how to know it's time to move up to the next s...View Details

In this episode, I'll explain what "problem behavior" means in this context, and the difference between replacement training and punishment to exting...View Details

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