This month's episode is about connecting with your horse: how to establish or reestablish a bonded and productive relationship with your horse—one in ...View Details

My Top Trotting Hacks

Today I want to talk to you about the trot—with tips both English and Western riders need to know. I'll talk about ways to improve your posting techni...View Details

Today's podcast is about New Year's resolutions for horse lovers! Recently, I did an interview with Christy Landwehr, the CEO of Certified Horsemanshi...View Details

I'll discuss the top 10 challenges riders have at the canter and how to conquer them. Whether you're just starting out and learning to canter for the ...View Details

Ride Your Own Ride

Have you ever been frustrated with your riding because you think you should be better by now? Have you succumbed to the temptation to compare yourself...View Details

Last time, we talked about the genetic profile of Doc Gunner (who we now call "Doc") regarding his unusual coloration, his deafness, his health condit...View Details

Today's episode is about the genetic profile test report for my 4-year-old foster horse, Doc Gunner. We have no history on this horse prior to Decembe...View Details

In this episode, I'll talk about the counter canter. I'll discuss what it is, when it's the right time to incorporate counter cantering into your trai...View Details

Today's topic is about how to stay safe with horses. I'll give you some practical guidance and some sage advice. We'll talk about danger zones around ...View Details

Often, the history of the horse does not follow him throughout his life—maybe you bought a horse at an auction, maybe you rescued an abandoned horse, ...View Details

Tips to Get Trail-Ready

Trail riding season is fast approaching, and whether you go out for a few hours or a few days at a time, and whether you're going to take 1 or 2 trail...View Details

Horses That Rip & Run

Today's topic is about dealing with horses that rip and run. I'll talk about this dangerous behavior, what it looks like, how it develops, and situati...View Details

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